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                                                                   STARLIGHT :

For Laser Tooth Whitening and Composite Restorations.

            The STARLIGHT s is an innovative and really interesting product, since it makes use of luminous LEDs instead of the traditional halogen lamps.

It uses a high efficiency LED lodged at the top of the handpiece. This innovative solution, as well as determining a considerable reduction of the handpiece size, shows two important advantages:
- The lifespan of the light source (of about 1.800.000 cycles - 20 sec.).
- The elimination of the need to cool through forced ventilation.

The electronics necessary to the working of the Starlight s is integrated inside the handpiece and it allows the application on the dental chair unit with extreme easiness and a unique aesthetic result.
The Starlight s' emission of light is much more directed to the composite's absorption spectrum than the one of the halogen lamps.
This allows excellent polymerization results with lower power and without heat emission.


Power supply: 24 Vac +/- 10% - 50/60 Hz
Power supply: 33 Vdc +/- 10%
Light source: A 5 W high efficiency led with concentrating optical device.
Wave lenght: Between 440 - 480 nm
Average lifespan: 1.800.000 cycles, 20 seconds each.
Exposure time: 20 seconds. Acoustic signal after 10 sec. and at the end of the exposure cycle.
Possibility of stopping the cycle at any time.
Optical fibre: 8 mm coherent drawn fibres superfused. Sterilizable in autoclave (max.T.135 C for 20 minutes - max 500 cycles)

Dimensions: L. 148 mm 22 mm
Weight: 75 gr.

Mectron Medical Equiments , Italy

For Periodontal Scaling.



Mectron Control Starlight System identifies automatically the type of handpiece connected to the cord (scaler or Starlight p led photopolymerizator ) and sets up suitable parameters of functioning.

Feedback System automatic and instantaneous power control in function of the resistance encountered by the insert

Automatic Protection Control interrupts power and water supply in case of incorrect use of the handpiece and insert tip.


Dimensions: 46 x 71 x 34 mm
Working frequency: 24.000-29.500 Hz

Power supply:
24 Vac +/-10% 50/60 Hz
32 Vdc +/-10%
Minimum supply power: 40 W
Water supply: Pressure 1-6 bar

APC (automatic protection circuit) which eliminates all tension on the handpiece and inhibits functioning of the water solenoid valve in the following cases:
- Disconnection of handpiece triggering time APC 20ms
- Electrical damage of the handpiece cord triggering time APC 20ms
- Insert not tightened properly triggering time APC 80ms

Equipment: Alu-Box with new osseonitrated insert tips and dynamometric wrench.


ROOT ZX II  : Apex Locator with  Low Speed Handpiece


  • Larger, easy to read screen
  • Shock-resistant design
  • Unmatched clinical accuracy
  • Ability to work in wet canals
  • Modified design delivers improved stability
  • Self-calibrating; no buttons to push
  • Upgrade Option to Low Speed handpiece

    Long File Holder
    A long touch file holder has been designed to be used with the probe cord. It features a fork-like tip that allows the clinician to get an apex reading by simply touching the file. The file holder is 5 inches long, autoclave safe and ideal for hard-to-reach molar procedures, thus increasing access to the work area.
  • Indications

  • Apex location/measurement of root canal length

  • J. Morita USA, Inc.
    9 Mason
    Irvine, CA. 92618

  • bulletBrite Smile Whitening System :  The best whitening system in the world from the USA now in Goa.


    bulletCamrex Introral Camera : A product by Dentamerica USA that gives you an opportunity to see inside your mouth. Watch your dental procedure 100% LIVE as its being performed.




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