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We at Dr. Pimenta's Dental Practice accept payments on Credit/Debit Cards and in Cash.


Please note the following:


       All Credit / Debit cards transactions will be charged 2.5% extra as directed by Government  of India Regulations.

       Clinic policy states that all payments however small are to be made  100% in advance before commencing of treatment.

       All rates of exchange are quoted in Rupees at the time of making payment.

       You must carry your Passport or driving license if you plan to use a credit/debit card.

       Travelers Cheques / American Express cards   are NOT acceptable.

       Please keep your personal belongings with you at all times . We are not responsible for any loss arising through negligence on your part.

       Please do not ask for any discounts as none are possible.

       Please report for your appointment at least 10 min before the scheduled time.

       Returning patients will be given preferred appointment times over new patients at all times.



1. Our clients are advised to make sure that they are in the right place and do not end up at our old location where a surgery has been opened with a name that sounds very similar to ours. Any work done at our old location from 5th October 2006 has no binding with our surgery and no claims whatsoever will be entertained.

2. You must make sure that you confirm your appointment at least 24 hours in advance as its liable to be cancelled if we don't hear from you at all.

3. In case you miss your appointment due to delayed flights or change in holiday plans a new appointment will be offered to you.

4. Credit cards for large amounts are accepted should you request for it at the time of booking only. As such you must carry your passport for verification.


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