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The key to great crown and bridges is to make them look like your own teeth by matching the color. Everyone visualizes color in a different way. The conventional way of taking a shade is visually trying to match it to a standard shade guide such as the Vita Classic shade guide. Lighting conditions and the operators judgment causes a lot of errors. At Dr. Pimenta's Dental Practice we believe in getting it right the first time by trying to match the shade 100% . Being the only surgery in Goa having this technology we offer our patients more at no extra cost !


Gain quality shade assurance the easy way...
with the VITA Easyshade.

The VITA Easyshade is capable of instantly measuring a broad range of 45 shades, including 3 bleached, 26 Vitapan 3D-Master and 16 VITA Classical Shades.

From a basic partial denture to the most
demanding lifelike central,
initial shade match is always the key.


Now, with the VITA Easyshade, we  can easily verify a precise, objective shade match, leaving us more time to focus on the important piece in your artistry characterization, layering and all the subtle nuances . Eliminate the basics that can sometimes lead to remakes and major colour mismatches.


Simple Process

The VITA Easyshade measures a precise
shade instantly and prescribes the best
VITA shade under any lighting condition.

Narrow tip for measuring shades
practically anywhere in the mouth.



Measures a basic overall tooth shade or separates the tooth into cervical, middle and incisal areas, depending on your preference.


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